Saturday, May 14, 2016

Zongwu Fan DESMA 9 Week 7 Blog

As we discussed last week about human body (specifically brain for my blog topic last week), we already knew that our body is a sophisticated system controlled by our amazing brain that makes us dominant species on this planet. However, it is neuron that helps connected each component of our body, and this fact makes  neuroscience a critical research field in medical science. Ever since we can observe neuron with microscope, there are many art works that related with neurons emerged. The picture below shows a neuron sculpture in front of Sydney modern art museum.
The neurons in our body passing critical information and orders through a complex neural networks, which act as 'highway' for neurons. This neural network is shown in the picture below.
There is an interested reference mentioned in the sample blog for this week, which is an art work done by a neurology PhD student named Greg Dunn. Here is a fancy picture illustrates both the complexity and beauty of the neural networks (rainbow colored). There are many other art works related with neurons and neural networks in Greg Dunn's art design website.
There is also some degree of link between our conciseness and neural networks, and here is a recommended video from TEDxTalk for those who would like to learn more about the art of neural networks. Video link:
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