Saturday, May 28, 2016

DESMA 9 Week 9 Blog Post

In this week's lecture, we have gone through some basic history of space exploration and art works related with space topic such as movies. After the world war II, United States and Soviet Union entered grand cold war period, and this spikes the rapid development in space technology such as rocket and satellite. Thanks to the space race between two superpowers, it only take humanity 20 years from launching small satellite to landing man on moon. This rise in space exploration also sparks the very nature of human--curiosity and imagination to the unknown, which leads to many different art/science forms such as space city design and starship used for interstellar travel.
Figure 1. One design for future space city.
As I mentioned before, science is not the only thing that sparked by the space race, art works also take giant leap due to the rising space topic in daily life. A great example would be one of the most classic sci-fi movie--Star Wars. Of course, there are many other great movies and TV shows that related with space, and they are the result of this rapidly developing space industry.
Figure 2. Star Wars.

For me, space itself is a grand art work with so many things we still do not understand yet. As our science and technology advancing in the past few decades, people now are planning for Mars immigration and exploration outside our own solar system. There are many bold ideas including 'terraforming', which refers to alternating a planet's environment into earth-like condition though engineering approach.
Figure 3. Terraforming project design.
In general, space exploration not only helps on science and technology, but also gives a brand new art section that shows us infinite possible future for mankind in space.

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  1. I agree with your that "space itself is a grand art work with so many things we still do not understand yet". Together with space and art, I believe that scientists and artist will together explore and further understand this somewhat mysterious space. Like you mentioned in your post, TV shows and movies, art pieces, relate to space and bring inspirations to scientists.