Sunday, April 10, 2016

When I took geometry classes back in junior high school,  I learned that math and art are closely related with each other, and sometimes the presentation of math itself is an art work. Back in 2007 summer, I attended a summer camp in Britain, and I saw the very famous Cambridge mathematical bridge, which is a great example shows how complicated mathematics can be transformed into art. The figure below shows the mathematical bridge.

It was quite shocking to me when first saw this bridge, especially after I learned that the building blocks of this bridge are all straight timber. The designer of this bridge uses geometry to make this bridge looks like arch, which a lot of modern bridges have. There are other famous objects such as pyramids in Egypt, and they are all mathematics in an art form.
From the course materials, we see a lot of modern arts that have mathematics involved. With modern technology, we can now use all kinds of software (algorithm) to transform math into art. A very famous function art is shown in picture below.
It seems to me that math itself is an art since it is both complicated and beautiful. If we think about it, almost everything we ever known can be illustrated by mathematical models, and I think it makes math fascinating just as art.
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